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Me and my girl friend give oral sex to each other because she is a virgin and she wants to keep it that way till we get married but we do give each other oral sex and I was wondering if oral sex would deflorate her and how ? For example tongue-ing her vagina at the bottom part .. Would that do anything ? Please answer


Some people consider oral sex to be intercourse and some don't. From a purely scientific standpoint the loss of virginity is defined by a woman being penetrated or a penis penetrating so unless you go IN her vagina she'll still scientifically be a virgin. That being said, some people consider oral sex to be sex. It's definitely a serious form of sex and should only be done if you trust each other, but it's not penetrative sex and I think most people would still consider others virgins unless they've either penetrated or been penetrated in the vagina/anus. So you need to decide what sex is for you and whether YOU consider fingering/oral to be sex or not. It's really more a matter of opinion than anything else.