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I've been ill for three weeks, my symptoms include haedache that last almost the whole day, coughing(productive _ yellow), i had stiffy neck which has resolved, my jaws are also stiffy, my nose is running (sometimes yellow mucous comes out).

so im scared that i might have brain tumour, please help


Sounds like you have some kind of respiratory tract infection. Stiffy neck that has resolved and headache may indicate the flu, or a mild case of viral meningitis. But then you did not mention anything about body aches or a high temperature. A yellowish productive cough may be due to inflammation of the bronchioles (bronchitis), or pneumonia (a lung infection that is bacterial, viral or fungal in origin). You really need to see a doctor. In the meantime, try to get plenty of rest, keep yourself hydrated, try to eat nutritious food even if you don't have an appetite, and stay away from tobacco smoke.