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I'm 14 years old, and I first got my period when I was 10 on July 1st. It was normal flow, and quite irregular ( which I know that it's supposed to be for the first little while). But now it's still irregular and I have no idea when it's coming. My period can last from 3 days to 4-5 weeks, with small-heavy flow. I've had slight clotting, but now every time I change my tampon/Pad ( I have to wear both to prevent pant stains), a huge clot comes out, and it's only been quite recent that I can feel it coming out. I'm not sexually active, but a boy did put his finger in my area quickly when i was 13. I doubt thats the reason, because my period's been bad since i first got it. I've also noticed sometimes when I wake up in the morning I have to get out of bed slowly, otherwise i can feel all the blood come out. It's also weird because I've never had any pain. No cramps. Except for a ccouple times when it hurt too much to go to school.


Hi Grace99

Sounds like your hormones are out of balance. This can happen to women at any age, but you're right to be concerned that your periods haven't settled into a regular, pain-free, flood free, clot-free rythym.

You can see your doctor, or see a naturopath / naturopathic physician. Any of these professional can help you discover why your hormones are out of balance, and offer options for treatment.

Hope this helps. Let us know how you go.

Regards, Olwen :-)

P.S. An important mantra for women and hormones: "you don't have to just live with it"!


Hi Grace, if i were you i would talk to my mom about possibly looking into some birth control, not for sexual reason either. Bc will adjust your cycle and you will know exactly when your periods are coming and you'll also know pretty much how long they will last. Bc will make your flow lighter, there won't be any more flooding, and the clots will decrease or go away all together.

If your athletic, if you swim and the like, you can time your activities almost to the hour with birth control. I am suggesting this ONLY to help make you more comfortable with your periods, i'm not suggesting this idea for sexual purposes.