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My best friends sister has just came into high school but she's two years younger than me. Adam would kill me if i told him i liked her. She seems really shy and dosen't really acknowledge me . She's really cute but I've heard from him that she's embarrassed about her weight . I think she is beautiful but I think she's too worried about her size to want to socialize with Adam at school or me and his friends . I've seen her around school but when she looks at me she just blushes and keeps walking by.Please help me . I cant just walk up to her can I because she's always with her friends and if I'm at Adams his house the I'm always with him and have no chance to talk to her . What should I do? What should I say to her?


Why don't you just go up to her and pretend Adam wanted to talk to her so you have a reason to talk to her. Then start chatting and flirt a bit, she will realise you like her and if she likes you back she will join in but if not you can at least move on. Hope that helps xx