I'm in tears as I write this I want to go back to normal so bad !!! It all started a month an a half ago with 2 and a half weeks of constipation. Went to ER got stool softeners and was able to poop but no big complete stools like I was accustomed to before. Stopped the stool softener and I was able to go with out them. Went to a walk in clinic and was able to address smaller thinner stools. I was given fiber supp, senna, and more doctsate sodium. I went to another ER out of distress and all my blood levels tested normal according to docs. But Ive lost 20 pounds with no effort I went to my university health center and did a few general tests and got an x ray on my lungs and given inhalers because I have asthma but its has not acted up since my infancy. I also turned in a stool sample and am waiting for the results. Its been a nearly two months of this and I hate it I want to go back to normal so bad. I play college football and need to get back on the field that all I have . I developed a slight pain in my thoracic spine area with deep breathes. PLEASE Help me in any way possible !!!