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So i'm 12,and a few monts ago i became depressed.

I told a few of my closest friends maybe 2 or 3,but no one else.I tend to keep things to myself alot and bottle things up.

I thought about suicide and was really close to it,but i sort of became happier and happier without councillig or medication just thinking and not giving up,which i was really proud of myself for doing,your probably going to think that it's impossible but i don't want your say on that please.

But anyway,recently i've become upset over the tinest things and just shutting myself in my room and wanting to cry,even when good things happen,i've always been abit of a drama queen but i'm not sure if this is my depression coming back,or my hormones or maybe even just me over reacting?What do you think it is+what can i do to get to the source of the problems that are upsetting me,and how i can stop this from turning into depression again?


I am sorry to hear you are feeling this way. I myself have suffered from deprestion too i was late teens tho. My best advice to you is to talk to someone. Wither that be a parent,friend,teacher aunt- whoever you feel you can talk too. Maybe even your doctor? i told my family who were a huge support to me i soon began to change the way i was thinking. I started with positive thinking and took it one day at a time. Do you know what makes you feel down and depressed? Thats the first step to take - figure out what gets to you and tell someone, then take it one day at a time. Hope this helps :)



Hey, I was depressed about 6 months back as well. What I did was that I seeked help, from a psychiatrist. Took meds but after two months, I thought it didn't help so I quitted. What I suggest here is find out the cause of your depression (by rational and unjudgemental thinking), eg: maybe your grades went down, lost your girl/boyfriend, got in a row with schoolmates/family etc.

Try to stay positive as light is always at the end of a dark tunnel. As for your suicidal thoughts, if you feel you can't cope with life at any point, seek medical attention. Having suicidal thoughts do not mean one really wanted to die --- it just means that the PAIN you currently endure is much LARGER than the COPING RESOURCES that you have (eg: family, friends, counselling...)

It could be also due to hormonal imbalance, take nutritious food and a balanced diet.

Hope this helps! Stay strong!
P/s I have now recovered from depression just after 6 months.