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For a long time, I've been feeling extremely sad. It comes and goes depending on people I'm with, what's happening, and what I'm thinking. I do feel overwhelming guilt, and I apply sharp pressure on my skull at times because I feel like I deserve it or because it relieves my aching head. Quite frequently, I feel the urge to harm someone, anyone, just to have the feeling of causing someone else pain. But this feeling can also be fended off by hurting myself. I get angry more easily, as well as sad. I don't know what's going on with me. Is this depression or something else?


Well most people KNOW when they have depression. Ask yourself these questions..

1. Am I always sad and gloomy?

2. Have I ever wanted to kill my self? ( just saying, a lot of people who are depressed are suicidal)

3. Or am I just moody? Bad things happen in life, because something came up lie a divorce, or a family member died. If your think you are depressed for no reason then.....


Also, when a person gets angry very easy often that is a sign that someone is bipolar ! Have you ever had anger issues in the past? Going to a therypiest can help people sooo MUCH! Maybe you should try that before setting your self out to be depressed.