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Carbohydrates.  I remember learning about carbs and protein and vitamins in biology class but did I mention I didn't pay close attention in that class?  I don't know about you but when I became diabetic, I didn't know what I was in for.  I don't know about this stuff about food and watching carb grams and blah, blah.... It is overwhelming for me?

Anyone else feel the same way here?  How did you learn how to calculate carbs and is there any good software or apps out there that can help?  I am lost... please help!!


Don't get too flustered by the carbohydrate counting. It will all come to you eventually.  No one knows all about it the first time and it takes everyone a good few months of understanding what they are doing.  So don't give up yet!  You will be doing a lot of label reading and carrying a calculator will make things so much easier.  You don't need to be a math whiz to understand how to convert to carb units.  You will be using the number "15" a lot during the process.  Let's say we have a label that shows total carbohydrates as 30 grams per serving.  You divide this number by 15 and come up with "2" so this will be the number of carb units in a serving.  You should always check the serving size because sometimes it is much smaller than you would normally eat.  Your doctor would have given you how many carb units you can have at any given meal.  I am sure there are apps out there or software that can give you the information you need by inputting the food you choose.  If you tend to eat the same types of food, you will start learning the carb counts just by memory so it will get easier to plan meals and snacks.