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I am a newly diagnosed diabetic and I am really confused about what carbohydrates I should avoid?  I know that candy, cake, and cookies are off limits and so is ice cream :(  So I am wondering about what i need to eat for carb intact?  If anyone has some suggestions and I would like some type of sweet.  I am not a veggie or fruit eater so I am limited there. Is there anybody who can help this old girl out with her menus?  I am running blood sugars that are a bit high, so I think maybe I need better carbs to be eating.

I am not on medication at all but I just have to watch what I eat and drink.  I gave up pop but I cannot kick the coffee habit, well the creamer that is the problem and it has sugar in it.  I am in love with Starbucks for sure!  I need a substitute for that and the loaded coffee!


You should have been given a carb count from your doctor or dietician outlining how many carbs you are allowed at each given meal.  This usually breaks down to 30-45 grams (2-3 carb units) of carbohydrate at breakfast, 45-60 grams (or 3-4 carb units) at lunch, and 45-60 grams (or 3-4 carb units) at dinner.  You should also be able to get 15 grams at snack time (or one carb unit).  You are not limited to certain carbs to eat, however, it is better to pick from fruits and vegetables as they have the most nutrients.  Pick what type of carbs you want for a meal, and this could be a half a cup of ice cream as well, and make sure you stay within your allotted carbs.  You can have what you want within reason.