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my daughter who is now 3 has twice previously been diagnosed by our GP with impetago which she was prescribed antibiotics on both occassions which worked. Our second visit the GP took a swab from my daughters nasal passage as I was told this is were the infection lays dormant. The result of this test was negative.

Again this morning this rash has appeared. This shows firstly as a red patch on the middle of her chin with small blister like spots under the skin which over the space of the last 3 hours have began to break out and weep. The weeping is clear however the spots now appear yellowish and they are causing her discomfort and itching.

I have been to the doctors once again this morning and was told by the Nurse Practitioner that she beleives this is not impetago but simply a cold sore. I have been prescribed Aciclovir Cream which I need to apply 5 times a day.

I am not too confident that what has been diagnosed as a cold sore actually is. Does this sound more likely to be impetago and if so why does this keep coming back in the exact same spot but never spreads to any other part of her body. Is there a cream or medicine that you can recommend that I buy or ask for from my GP which is better than Amoxylin.

I try to keep her from touching this and will ensure that the family use seperate towels in the meantime and keep her away from other children.

Any help or assistance with this would be gratefully appreciated.


Hello there! I suppose that your doc forgot to do one thing. It is true that the dormant bacteria stays in the nostrils but not necessarily the nostrils of the person who developed impetigo.

Other people who live in your house hold could be carriers as well although they don’t have to develop an infection. If your child’s impetigo is recurrent and they could find bacteria in her nostrils, you may ask a doc to check your nostrils or your husbands’ or who ever lives in your household. You daughter could be suffering from recurrent impetigo because there’s another carrier in the house.

Is there anybody else who had an infection. Like I said, it doesn’t have to mean that the other carrier would develop impetigo, but if they did, at least you will know who to suspect.