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I am very confused. I had a miscarriage on 20 Feb. On 13 March I had my period, or so I thought. It lasted 4 days and was moderate - similar to my periods. I will be travelling to Europe tomorrow and decided to do a home pregnancy test just in case. It was positive. I am scared to go for the blood test. Scared I go tomorrow and a week or two later I lose the baby again. Am I being paranoid ?


Well, considering you already had a miscarriage you should definitely see a doctor to try to establish a possible cause of the miscarriage and maybe even prevent it if possible.
It often happens that the cause of miscarriage can’t be determined but there are times when it can be done, as well as things to prevent it.
If you are not staying long in Europe, I reckon you should see your gynecologist and work closely with him/her on this one.

It is so normal to feel the way you do. Some may call it paranoia but I think it is a normal response to what has happened to you before.

Many of the miscarriages are due to a chromosomal abnormality. Some of the chromosomal abnormalities are inherited while others occur before, during and after fertilization, when chromosomes are dividing. You can be tested to see if there is a problem that needs to be dealt with.
You may want to talk to your doctor about all the necessary supplements and s/he may even recommend some herb if you are not on any form of treatment.