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Dear Sir
Recently my wife got missed abortion in third month of pregnency.this was our first issue. the fetus was 7 weeks and 6 days old as shown in ultrasound but actualy it should be 11 weeks plus.

there was no complaint from my wife till we came to know from an ultrasound that there is no heart beat and so on.

thenafterwards D & c was done soon as D & C was done she was normal but was bleeding for some days . now she is normal.

All her tests were normal before pregnancy as she was cared by a doctor.

kindly note that her blood group is O-ve.
so anti-D injection was given to her after missed abortion.
structurally she is weak her heamoglobin was 10.

Now could you please tell me
1. what may be the reason for missed abortion?
2. when should we again try for a babby?
3. For how many days she should take bed rest?

4. Will she conceive easily in future ? or there will be some problem by D & C.

5. what medicines or tests we should use?

6.what precautions should she take now before or after conceivingagain.
7. is there any chromosomal problem.( she was not in my relation before marriage)if yes can it be iradicated.

hope to see ur reply soon

thanking you


the above problem is faced by my wife also. all point is same. can any one or doctor suggest me.


My wife had the same problem day b4 yesterday.
I found this article from net it would be helpful for u

I had two known "missed abortions". The first one we are sure that it was due to a chromosomal abnormality - a "bad egg" that just couldn't develop. We had the tissues tested so that we'd know for sure what happened. Actually, if your friend had her miscarriage in a hospital, they save the tissues usually for a year or more so she could have them tested too. I think my second one was the same thing but we didnt do the testing. Its the most common cause of 1st trimester miscarriage, sometimes it happens even before you know you were pregnant. I think I had one or two really early miscarriages also - I had inadequate lining so fertilized eggs didn't have a place to plant themselves.

I think she needs a better doc. Its very rare to have a miscarriage due to "stress". If stress caused miscarriage, we wouldn't have a population problem. Same with nutrition. While proper nutrition is very important to a properly developing fetus, poor nutrition rarely causes miscarriage esp in the 1st trimester.

Anyway, don't worry. Take prenatal vitamins, live a healthy lifestyle and visit your doc.

With Regards