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I just want to say that Nikki, I am really sorry that you are having to deal with such an ***edited by moderator*** ** inappropriate posting** of a husband. Like the other women have stated, maybe you shouldn't have a child with him if this is the way he is already treating. He will probably treat your child the same way. I would see those miscarriages as a blessing in disguise!

I wanted to give you all a little hope though. I had my 1st miscarriage at the very beginning of May and it is now the end of July and we just had an ultrasound to confirm that we are about 6 wks pregnant! The baby (or fetal pole) look great and you can even see the heartbeat starting! Also, we have been trying for 2 yrs to get pregnant, we've done every treatment possible just short of invitro and that's when we got pregnant the 1st time...which we miscarried. This time we somehow got pregnant on our own! So yes, you are VERY fertile after a miscarriage! Lots of people had told me that but I didn't think it was that true...but it definitely is. Good Luck to you all!!


hi there im new at this so please bear with me. i sufferd a miscarrige at the beggining of may straight away my periods went back to normal. now my last to periods have been five days late, i found out i had a urine infection which is now sorted. Me and my partner have been trying every since and its just not happening is there something wrong with me?xx