Hi, I was wondering if any one can help me. I have been feeling the butterflies in the stomach for about 3 weeks now, and 4 days ago I notice very light bleeding to spotting. I was wondering if it could be that I am indeed pregnant, How long should I wait to take a test? Let me give you a break down of me. My husband and I have been trying for kids for a long time now, I do not have regular periods, so I have been having them on a regular for about 5 months. So we decided to start again so last month I had a normal period and after I was done we had sex for about two weeks straight. Now I did an ovulation calender and it states that I would have ovulated on the 26th of April. Now on the 17th of May I had noticed spotting and it lasted for about 4 days. My period was not to start for another week so I got a little concerned when it came a week early.

So my question to anyone is: Am I pregnant? and when should I take the piss test? Should I wait until next week to take it? Can anyone help me figure this out. Thanks so much