okay so i'm really very worried because i think i may be pregnant. now before you tell me that i'm not mature enough and that i shouldn't be having sex, please don't. i'm 20 and have been with my boyfriend for 2 years, and we always use protection every time (he wears a condom). i apologize if this is tmi, but you kinda need to know the whole story..

i am worried because my last period was from Jan 14-21. i had sex 4 times, the latest being on the 30th and he says he only orgasmed once or twice but he always pulls out before anyways. about 5 days ago he fingered me fairly hard. since then i have been bleeding lightly, mainly brownish, i haven't seen anything today though. a couple days i started bleeding heavier, it actually being red. i have been feeling sick for the past week, on and off. today i am having bad lower back pain, and also into the thighs. i have been known to have sciatica, and i am sure it is that again. but why would it start all of a sudden? i haven't had it in a few months. my digestive system has been really bad for a week. i will admit i haven't been eating very well at all, usually not much everyday.

is this implantation bleeding, an early/short period that got messed up (i live with 3 other girls and one of them is on her period right now), or because of the fingering? i would really appreciate any advice/feedback!! thank you!

by the way, i should have started my next period on Feb 10..i need some help!