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Hi everyone,
My period is due in two days but yesterday and today I have had a reddish/brown discharge. It hasn't been heavy enough for a tampon but it is more than just spotting.

Do you think it is an early period or implantation bleeding. I keep running to the toilet with tampon at the ready but only seems to be there when I wipe. I would love your opinion on this. I have been to sooo many sites searching this I am very confused.

I really hope it's implantation but have a horrible feeling that it will turn into full flow - aaarrrgggghhhh. I am never usually early though.

Thanks :-)


Is it an implantation bleeding or period? Time will tell. If it is a period you are having, your flow will increase and your bleeding will last the usual amount of time, usually between five and seven days. If it is an implantation bleeding, it should stop very soon and your flow should be very light. Being early is a good sign so far, so thumbs crossed, but you will find out soon. Don't forget to take a home pregnancy test the minute your period is really due if it is normally very regular, and then you will definitely know whether you had an implantation bleeding or period for sure.