So after having unprotected sex 12 days ago, I was worried that I could be pregnant; my period was supposed to start 7 days ago. This morning I was walking, and I felt something wet, I figured it was discharge, but I went to the bathroom and saw that I bled through my pants. It wasn't a lot, but enough to go through my pants. Thinking it was my period, I put in a tampon and went on through the day. At around lunch (didn't eat) I was feeling extremely hot and sweaty, I was crouching on the floor from cramps, and I felt a bit nauseous. After about an hour I felt better. When I got home, I took out my tampon, and noticed that it was not completely soaked, but still had blood. And I also didn't have any blood in the toilet after peeing like I usually do. I still am feeling slight cramps, but no bleeding. Do you think it was implantation or AF?