My last period started on the 17th of Nov., and my cycle is usually pretty close to 28 days, therefore I'm expecting to start on the 15th of this month.

Here's the problem: I've had unprotected sex this month, like an id**t, and am terrified I might be pregnant.

I've had slight cramps, breast tenderness for the past 2 weeks, and get nauseas about half-way through lunch almost every day, oddly enough, these symptoms have accompanied my period before, further confusing me.

The day before yesterday, I had sex with my boyfriend and afterwards, he pointed out I was bleeding. Nothing heavy, just a little pink and red.

I went to the bathroom (thanking my lucky stars) and inserted a tampon, certain my worries were over.

Unfortunately, upon removing my tampon, there was only a little blood (about 1/4 of the tampon) and it was pink and brown.

Since then I have had no further bleeding.

I'm terrified this is "Implantation Bleeding" and that my freshman year of college is doomed by a looming pregnancy.

I'm not technically "late" yet, so is it too early for a home pregnancy test?