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When do I start counting dpo? I guess the reason I am confused is that I got two positive OPK's two days apart and one negative one in between. Do you start counting dpo on the day you get the positive test or the day after? I got the first positive test 7 days ago and the second positive test 5 days ago. Is it possible I ovulated twice? I am on clomid. I've been feeling crampy and its way too soon for my period. No spotting, just a general crampy feeling. Nothing painful, just something that is there. Plus I've been really REALLY grouchy for the past two days. Could I finally be pregnant? I don't trust those home tests because when I had an ectopic pregnancy last year I only got one positive and 14 negative ones - I just don't trust them. Any thoughts? I'm guessing its way too early to test anyway. This crampy feeling is odd though, I've never had it like this before - so early and so faint. Any thoughts? Could I have implanted already?


Hello muzyklover! I am experiencing the same symtoms. I recently did the clomid with an ovidrel shot. Ovulation was a success. It's been about 2 weeks since and for the past week, I've had some mild cramping. Today I wiped and saw a bit of blood and some clear discharge/ mucus. I was just curious to hear your outcome. It may help me.