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I felt cramping and had a light amount of whitish milkish cervica mucus. I ovulated on Feb 23rd and this happened March 1st. AF is expected around March 10-12. Do you think that the cramps and discharge can be a sign of early pregnancy?

Thank you so much!


Well, the timing is certainly right and the symptoms as well. When are you expecting your period or should I say not expecting? ;-)

Implantational window is anywhere between 6 – 12 days po. Was there maybe light spotting as well? Spotting is not a necessary sign that implantation had occurred but if followed by white mucus and cramping, it could be just the thing.

How long have you been trying to get pregnant? Do you already have children? I know that every experience was different; I was just wondering if you knew what to expect!

The problem with these signs is that sometimes we feel and see things that we know should happen. When I was late my last time, I also had cramping some time after ovulation, my period was late and we did it with no condom and no withdrawal on the 15th day of the cycle and I was NOT trying to get pregnant but got so scared and even had the symptoms-discharge (which I almost always have) and cramping.

I didn’t mean to discourage you and I honestly hope this was implantation but you should also be ready if it didn’t happen and of course continue to try!

Let me know what the pregnancy test showed!


well let me fill you in more of the details....

My LMP was Feb 11. It lasted til the 17. On the 17, 18, 20, 21, 23, and 25th my husband and I had Unprotected sex. I was suppose to Ovulate from charts on the 27th, but I started to notice more cm around the 22nd and had a pain in my ovary area on the morning of the 23rd. Then on tuesday, the 28th, I had some cramping that was on and off through out the afternoon. I went to the restroom and noticed a milkish white cm. I even felt it come out! I thought I was leaking something, so i went to check. Yesterday I had some cramping on and off but mostly I felt fine otherwise. Today I woke up and my breasts felt alittle tender. But other than that, things have been normal. If I would have ovulated on the 23rd, then as of today I would be 7 dpo. I was on the pill in January and got off of it around the 3rd of Feb. I have two sons, 20 mons old and almost 10 mons old. My first son was conceived when I was on the pill. Then my second was conceived by accident six weeks after my first son was born!
I am on metformin for PCOS. They first told me i had that in 2001. I had been on that and the pill when we had my first son. Now I am on the metformin since Oct 2005. Right after the birth of my second son.

I am expecting AF to show up around the 10th. Im so wanting to take a test, but I know its too early. My plan is to wait a week and then test. Hopefully we get our BFP!


Oh, I didn’t know you had PCOS. My sister was also diagnosed with it when she was 23. She was on the pill to decrease hair growth and regulate periods. Did you say you got pregnant while on bc pill? That’s strange but I guess you were in that 1% where pills don’t work.

You said: “they told me I had that (PCOS)”, which makes me think you weren’t even aware of it. Didn’t you have any problems with PCOS like weight gain, excessive hair growth, irregular periods, etc. Because my sister was devastated when everything started happening, she even had such periods of blues.

Anyway, I also hope you will test positive! Good luck!


Yes I started to gain weight in the sixth grade. We tried every diet we could think of. I even came to a point where i starved myself. We didnt know what it was. We did notice i had dark arm hair, and i had irregular periods. But the doctors said I had to give it time to get in order. We gave it years and years. Finally in my senior year of high school, my mom asked if I wanted to try the low carb diet. I said i would give it a try. My highest weight was 183 lbs. I lost 20 lbs in my first month of eating the low carbs. Then afterwords, I just slowly got all the way down to 117 lbs!
When I went to see Dr. Maklin in OMaha, Ne at the Heartland Reproductive Center, she told me I needed to gain more weight, and that I was starving myself. I so desperetly wanted to become thin like all the other girls. In 2001 she put me on the metformin and it helped out everything! The arm hair got thinner and lighter, i got to eat things and not worry about gaining weight due to eating. I worked out and was so happy!

I then met my husban that same year and we got engaged in Aug 2002. On our year anniversary. To our suprise, we conceived our son in sept 2003. I was on the metformin and on the pill. I didnt find out I was pregnant til Dec 2003. Then after giving birth in June 2004 we conceived naturally with our second son, just six weeks after giving birth to our first son, believe me... it wasnt planned... I didnt even think my body would be able to make a baby that soon after giving birth. But today we have two healthy little boys. We love them both. And as of now Im in the two week waiting period and going to be testing if Im pregnant this month~

If so, we will be having another baby in Nov. 2006.

Good luck to all of you~ :-)