im strict vegetarian I'm a 16 year old female .I had my last period in January. AND before that I had sex in October 2013 . All normal cycles. I'm really scared now that I know about precum all in these last months I have been having these really bad cramps. MARCH 17, MARCH 21 & March 28 .My boyfriend. & I had sex without protection. I didn't think to much it . He said he'll pull outthen I learned about presuming tell him my stomach is hurting & he sggested Im pregnant he tries to reassure me by saying he's paranoid. He keeps telling me he pulled out but I'm just scared as c**p. I don't have any of the signs just cramping.. then yesterday I saw blood. And It's only the first week of April. Nd my cycle usually Comes the third and then I read about implantion which scared me. & I'm really scared because earlier in March I was reading about anemia because I think I have it. Because I'm strict vegetarian and I went alone with it and I really scared to tell My mom to take me to doctor because I'm like scared of outcome.