It works against chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic cold and all other diseases that are caused by low resistance. It also helps in therapy against lyme, AIDS and every other disease that is caused by bacteria or virus. There are proved cases of completely healed Lyme disease using just this method (they had alergy to antibiotics so they were forced to use vitamins), check dr Burrascano pages about evidence,

Its pretty simple - just feed your body with every microelement and vitamin needed to create and activate white blood cells, then use any kind of herbs - garlic, cats claw, aloe, olive leaf. These herbs works only if your body got "resources" to build defence, as they do not kill bacteria - they only stimulate your white blood cells.

Here is list of microelements, ignore part about antibiotics, just focus on vitamins - I do NOT SELL anything, there are only natural components:

If you are interessed in something more complex, read this:

Remember that vitamins from drugstore usuall do not work properly, so try to use as many natural ones as possible.

2 weeks of such therapy and you can start with "pulse therapy" using herbs:

one week of, let's say, garlic and suplements

one week without herbs but still with suplements.

then another week with another herb, that will stimulate your white blood cells another way.

any questions?