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I have been having issues with mucus for probably over 6 months now I have been to my Dr but she acted like it wasn't a big deal I'm throwing up every morning and it is nothing but mucus even when I use the restroom it has mucus in it I had gall bladder surgery about 3 weeks ago it was a little better after my surgery but only for about a week. Can someone please up I'm starting to get worried


I’ve posted similar thoughts to some sites but this information is worth repeating –


I’ve been reading the many posts about chronic mucus in the throat. I’ve been there – done that for many years. I’ve seen 4 different doctors without any positive results and tried MANY - MANY Rx’s. I’ve been tested for allergies, asthma and GERD and I’m not a smoker. I not knocking the medical community but they seem to have tunnel vision when it comes to this condition. With the help of some on-line postings and some research, I’ve come upon some promising results.


Antibiotics seem to be a common denominator.  When a doctor prescribes an antibiotic it kills all the bacteria [good and bad] in your system – this is good when you are ill since it eliminates what was making you ill. However the elimination of the good bacteria has consequences. [Please note that I’m not a medical professional so my descriptions/explanations may not be stated well but this is what I’ve pieced together with some research] There is a relationship in the body between mucus and good bacteria. If the good bacteria are not adequate, the body produces mucus as protection.


With my condition, I separated it to a mucus problem and a post-nasal drip problem. First the mucus - Probiotics are designed to replace the good bacteria. They are not new and have been around for a long time and there is a lot of information available on them – doing your own research is recommended. In my case, I’ve been prescribed antibiotics many times over the years but never replaced the good bacteria. So I started with a low dose of Probiotic and worked up. [I was taking 3 capsules 2X daily and then backed off] This has reduced the mucus in my throat a lot – maybe 80% or more. [I’m reluctant to say that I’m cured]


Next the post-nasal drip. This is still a work in progress. Over-the-counter decongestants aren’t a solution for me – Sudafed-like compounds mess with my blood pressure but I still use Flonase. So thanks to another on-line posting, I use lemon water to cut any drip. The best addition has been the use of Quercetin [a supplement which is an natural anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine] So far, so good! It seems to be working.


I hope this information works for you. Do your own research on this. If it does work, pass the word around on the various message boards (as well as your own doctors) since traditional medicine is in the fog about this issue. I also recommend reading Dr. Mark Stengler’s writings about “Chronic Sinusitis A Natural Cure” [Many sites prevent hyperlinks to other sites but you can Google him]. Good luck.