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I recently got sick and it started out with my throat feeling scratchy then it felt like it got better and went away within 2 days. Then suddenly my sinuses have been acting up horribly that the first night I good barely breathe when I was asleep (since I'm a nose breather). After my dentist appointment today I looked at where they did a filling and saw how inflamed my throat was. The veins are kind of prominent, there are white patches/spots, a few red spots, and overall irritation. I have had my tonsils taken out when I was a kid. I will also note that oddly the white spots have been there even when I'm not sick? But why? I noticed them there when I got sick last year around this time and they have been there since. I was worried it was strep so I got tested for that and it came back negative so I'm unsure what could be causing the white spots. I also am not sure why I have red spots and inflammation if it's my sinuses that are acting up? What could this possibly be?


If need be I can attach a picture of my throat.