For the past couple of years I have been experiencing bad breath and a bad mucous on the back of my tongue. I didn't think anything of it and started using mouth wash more often and invested in a tongue scraper. My oral hygiene was impeccable!
I started college this year and when one of my new, close friends got sick and was diagnosed with Strep Throat I did my best to not share anything with her. Unfortunately, about a week after she got her diagnosis I discovered a white patch on my tonsil. The area around the spot was a deeper red color and it was only the one patch of white. After looking into the symptoms of Strep Throat I determined that it was probably just a mild case of that. It's been about four weeks, so something tells me I'm on the wrong track.
I coughed up a few small bits of the white stuff from my tonsils, which I found deplorable.
So after looking in the mirror to examine my throat tonight I discovered that the white patches had spread to include several spots on the left tonsil (where they started) and one on the right. I also discovered a small hole on the left tonsil. This panicked me and I immediately headed to my laptop to find out what I could...and now I'm more confused than ever!
I found out about tonsil stones, but do they occur in such high numbers (about 4 or 5 spots) and last as long as mine have (about a month)?
When I first discovered the lesions on my tonsils and thought it might be Strep I did not have a fever, difficulty swallowing, or any pain in my throat, which made me skeptical of my own "diagnosis." After looking into Tonsillitis I decided the symptoms also didn't sound right.
So could a bunch of white spots and a little hole on my tonsils be tonsil stones and their aftermath (the hole)?
I'm hoping I can get some help here since it's hard for me to get to a doctor, let alone a specialist while I'm at college. I go home in 4 weeks and that's too long to wait for some definitive answer!