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Hi, I've been a diabetic for 15 years now and I still have problems managing my blood sugar levels. I do six blood tests a day and I take 2 injections. I'm using an older insulin and I was wondering if the new insulins are better. My insulin comes from pig. I've heard that you can do a single injection at night which is long acting and then 2 to 3 short acting during the day. Does anyone know if this works well? Has anyone done a total change of insulin like that. If you have, I'd like to hear about your experience. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.


Hello, Wow, you won't believe the difference between the old insulins and the new fast acing ones. I'm not diabetic but my husband is. He's been diabetic for almost thirty years and had problems with his insulin. His doctor gave him Nova Rapid and Levamir and he is very happy with this. The way is medications work is that he takes Levamir in the morning and in the evening and Nova Rapid is used during the day. Chances are your dosing will be different from my husband's. How much you use depends on your sugar levels and you have to determine that. My husband has found that his blood sugar levels have stabilized. He had such a problem with glucose swings it was truly maddening. Our doctor told us that the old insulins eventually will not be available. They are slowly removing them. As far as my husband is concerned, the new insulins are by far superior. This may not be surprising in that a lot research has been done on them. They were developed to work better. At any rate, my husband recommends that you try it. Talk with your doctor. I'm surprised your doctor hasn't suggested this to you. Best of luck to you!