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Hiya, I was wondering BG levels and how they change. I decided to go ahead and test my sugar levels every few minutes to see what it was doing. I started at 130 then I took another reading 3 minutes later and got 175. then I took another reading 30 minutes later and got 160. I know that blood sugar levels are not constant but I don't know if I understand the readings I got. Does anyone know. Has anyone ever tried this? I know that BG levels will change when you eat but I'm sure there are other factors. Can anyone help me with this as well. Share with me your experience. Thanks.


Hi, your BG levels can change for many reasons. Changes in life style, stress, emotion upsets, hot weather, cold weather, how much insulin you took, eating, not eating and eating different foods will change your BG levels. If you change how much exercise that will alter your BG levels because you are using more glucose to make ATP to run your metabolic pathways. If you are experiencing stress or some emotional upset, hormones are released into your blood that affect how glucose is metabolized. In hot weather, you sweat more and you can become dehydrated along with a loss of electrolytes. This greatly affects your BG levels. If you take more insulin than usual, this affect your BG levels. How much you eat and what you eat affects your BG levels. All of these factor alter how your body metabolizes glucose.


As far as you meter readings go, there is a problem with user monitors. They are not all that accurate and I believe they can be off by 20 percent. This is a 20 percent error margin. Chances are you never got out of the error margin meaning that all the measurements you took are the same. Hope that was useful.