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2 days after having a baby my ankles swelled. i sat as often as possible and put my feet up, now on the third day my feet, right up to my toes are swollen. what can i do to relieve this ?


Hi, I developed the swelling during pregnancy slightly before I would give birth. My doc said this was normal because pregnant women retain more water and some changes occur in blood chemistry which makes fluid collect in the tissues.

During pregnancy circulation is slowed down, and the blood collects in the legs, and pushes fluid into the tissues.

The situation resolves when we lie down, especially on the left side.

I don’t know how come that you developed edema after giving birth, it usually resolves after delivery.
Anyway, here are some tips I was given: you may want to take shower with colder water to improve circulation, avoid crossing legs when sitting, make often breaks from sitting by taking brief walks, wear comfortable shoes, put your feet up, , lie on your left side whenever possible. Stretch legs when sitting, drink a lot of fluids, and avoid junk foods.