hi im a 15 yr old girl, and i seem to find that my feet are red almost all of the time, if not purple.
i put my feet up for a while and they go back to normal colour, but the minute i stand up normally, they go red again. they go that colour in patches, mainly on the skin just below my big toe and second toe. this is on both feet.
they also feel very swollen when i get hot, that includes when ive done sport, or have just got out of the shower/bath.
when they get quite cold, e.g in the sea, in england, my big toes especially go completely white, and very numb. is it bad circulation?

also, my hands get cold easily too. when its an average autumn day, my hands will sometimes go a bit purple, and some of my skin goes orange on one of my knuckles, even if the rest of my hand looks normal. its always the same area though. is this bad circulation too?

i lead a healthy lifestyle, dont eat much junk food at all, on the contrary, i am quite thin(some of my friends say im too thin, but i disagree. i am also under the recommended weight for the BMI, but i have a naturally high metabolism, so thats ok. i also have a big appetite). anyway,i am very tall (would height have something to do with it? im nearly 6ft)
looking forward to hearing your thoughts