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This really is about recurring intermittent fever/flu symptoms with cough, but I am wondering about a stress related factor and will include some personal history prior to the beginning of this seemingly unshakable thing. There have been extreme losses, family, and financial stresses which have also left me utterly exhausted and vulnerable in life. I feel like I've reached the end of everything and now live at the mercy and good graces of others, having lost all power or control of my own life, bloodwork now reveals a lowered white count and anemia, though both are marginal and cause no concern to the Doctor. But I can feel that I am terribly compromised, physically as well as every other way.

In December 2009, I lost my dog, close companion of 12 years, simultaneously lost my apt. due to lack of income, and am basically homeless with no tangible assets. After losing my apt. and dog, I moved in with a friend (and am on edge about being asked to leave at some point and having nowhere to go). Shortly after moving in and trying to catch my breath, I was notified of a court petition whereby my brother is declaring my Mother incompetent ~ and more than likely had previously managed to trick her into changing her will or somehow stealing something unknown to me from my recently deceased Father's estate ~ in usual underhanded fashion ~ so therefore I am also losing any hope of inheritance or getting back on my feet financially. I moved back to a more rural area to help care for my ailing parents but have been unable to find work here (I am 56) and have suffered horribly as a result, for the last 3 years. After so many hateful and greedy tricks, I am now estranged from my brother and extended family (other than my dear Mother). So...after all of this, I find myself unable to deal with much of anything at all ~ my brain is mush....

So in Feburary, this dry cough started, a tickling which could be set off by merely breathing. It became more and more frequent with prolonged bouts of coughing every morning and night. More or less fine during day. By mid-April, the 15th to be exact, because I was very upset to discover that the 'tiny' amount of freelance work I had done would require that I pay taxes to SS that I don't have and that threw me into a horrible panic. By the time I drove home (first episode of these mysterious fevers) I felt nauseated and started aching, went to bed and later had a temp of 100.5, felt fine by next morning. 4 nights later I awoke in the night literally shaking from chills, had a temp of 99.5 (my normal is 96 - 97, I run sub so even 98.6 is high for me). 4 or 5 nights later, same thing ~ felt fine then suddenly felt nauseated, then the horrible aches in all my bones and joints, crashing headache, then fever of 102, fine next day again. Meanwhile, the dry cough had become productive, thick green mucous from deep in my chest/bronchial tubes. I tried the heavy dose D-3 which helped but then improvement subsided and started on Keflex which helped but now have had a complete relapse. Not only has the green, productive cough come back but two nights ago I felt my throat swelling and too sore to swallow ~ so now, while still on Keflex, I have a sore throat and head congestion, complete with aches and fever of 101.5 again last night. Each time the fever hits it stretches out in length of days between recurrences..... from 4 days, to 5 days, to 9 days, to 12 days.... always at night, always gone by morning ~ which greets me with the coughing jag. I'm beginning to wonder about Swine Flu, or Lymes disease, or pneumonia (though chest x-ray was clear) or West Nile, or something terribly mysterious and exotic.

I am surprised, and a bit relieved, to see that others are having similar ongoing, intermittent similar symptoms. I've never experienced anything this painful and debilitating in my life other than full blown flu itself which comes, pitches it's tent and stays a while, then actually leaves. Never, ever this on/off, now you see me, now you don't, stuff. I have even wondered if Panic Attacks can cause such physical symptoms as I realise that every single time the fever came on there had been an incidence of high stress/panic over my financial and or living, interpersonal situation which preceded it by a few hours to a day. I also have a fast heartbeat (90 - 100) when this happens, and feel like I can't breathe. Sometimes a tranquilizer settles things down (but not the fever). Hope for some help and also hope this may help someone else!


Many Thanks for sharing your story! My sympathies are with you. As I had similar symptoms of recurring sore-throat, flu, blocked sinuses, headaches and night-coughs, I'd like to share the following which helped me greatly: 1. Drinking Hot Honey in the mornings helped soothe the sore throat 2. Use of Optrex eye-drops at night before bed helped me to stop the nose back-drip & coughing, while moistering my nose enough to blow it enough to clear it completely before sleeping 3. Eating Onions at noon over lunch (in salads, cooked or half cooked) helped me to clear the sinuses & decongest the stuffiness in my chest and head 4. Drinking Hot ginger tea in the day --made from black tea, grated Ginger mixed in hot water -- also helped make my throat less tight & to blow my nose more easily when I needed to stay awake for a short discussion or phonecall 5. If the mucus or sputum is green, please get antibiotics specifically for bacterial infections of the respiratory tract before it worsens. The fevers from my bacterial infections cleared up within 10-days of the correct antibiotics. In my case, I was prescribed the generic drug Ceftin, and I started to see marked improvements as my fevers lessened, my throat reduced from bright red to normal, my my sinuses & tonsils less swollen, my eye-bags lessened & my headaches markedly improved.

Rest assured I will be praying for your Health & Happiness. Do not worry about the financial woes but take your time to recover properly, then have Faith in better times ahead. There are always kind Guardian Angels around us, in both good & bad times, to guide our way. All of us do get more grumpy during times of illness, loss & bad patches. But there's always a Rainbow & a Blue Sky. Be Patient with yourself & others. Calmer times & better days will be ahead.

Ask for constructive help from friends & volunteer advisors on handling the taxes. Be creative in finding the right solution & do not lose heart. There are many helplines & helpful counsellors for seeking advice on job-prospects & finding small ways to tide through the difficult times. Remember any honest job is an honourable job & can give you a chance to make a meaningful living and a difference in the lives of others. So do not give up on any good things that Life brings you.

Do not dwell on the past. Your sad & difficult times are over. You've taken the courage to acknowledge the difficult losses in your dog, your job, your family, your hope of inheritance. Now take the same Courage to walk ahead & start creating a new Path with new people in it. People who will share your future. Be patient with yourself & others in this journeys. Take it one Baby-Step at a Time.

Keep praying & believe in yourself. Your existing illness & sadness will pass over time; but keep moving, one step at a time, one day at a time. God bless you always.


One more thing, whenever you've a small panic attack, perhaps you can try interrupting your thoughts of sadness or panic, by telling yourself "Today I'll do something different. And I'll try to feel better!"

Perhaps these tips may be helpful to you, as I found them very useful during the first few moments of a panic attack: 1. Turn on & listen to a disk of soothing melodious music for at least 20minutes (choose anything from classical, to new age, to hymns, to flutes or violins or harpsicords or banjoes etc resourceful in the variety & find your own creative ways to listen to soothing meditative music!) 2. Drink a Large Glass of Water & Take 3 Deep Breaths, you'll feel better immediately! 3. Pick up a copy of Peanuts or Flintstones or Calvin & Hobbs, try to flip through casually till you read something funny -- & smile like a child again! 4. Meditate on a meaningful Quotation or phrase or biblical passage for 5minutes each day. It will put a new perspective on things & people. And bring an Inner Peace. 5. Walk outside in the Sunshine once a day for 15min & keep Curtains drawn apart each morning, so that you have good old Sunshine dancing on your skin & lighting up your heart! 6. Keep your living quarters organized, no matter how small, for it's important to treat it like a castle! Clean it once a day or once twice week, a bit at a time, and watch how the cleaning also contributes to reduced coughing, better health & light exercise! 6. Read 1 meaningful quotation & think of a practical application for it in your week. Just like doing a good deed to others or giving yourself an added inspiration, the quotation should be something that brings a smile to your face & others' lives as well! 7. Since you've great skills in writing, write down a new poem or a new sentence or a new thought each day, and read it whenever the panic attack occurs, to remind you of Life's good things & the importance of interrupting a panic moment.

Good things will come to you. Be Patient & have confidance in your Healing. Keeping moving one day at a time, one step at a time!


I have recurrent flu like symptoms that seem to be triggered by emotional stress. A couple days after the stressful incident I get body aches, sore throat, fatigue, and some mental haziness. No respiratory symptoms.

It seems to be getting worse, and it's as if my immune system has been trained to go into overdrive whenever this kind of stress occurs. I have had this for years but only recently made the connection between emotions and the 'outbreak'.

I have herpes 2 with no sores, (was diagnosed by blood test two years ago when I was very sick with this mysterious thing), have had multiple viral infections in my life (mumps, chicken pox as a kid, many flus & colds, then the hsv2 and even human papilloma - which I cleared).

I am wondering if all this has messed with my immune system. I don't fit any description I can find online. The symptoms last anywhere from a few days to a month, and are quite disabling. My bloodwork (CBC) is normal, as is my thyroid.

I guess I have to figure out how to live in a totally peaceful positive environment in order to stay well!