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I am a healthy 23-year-old female with no chronic health conditions. Today, Sunday, is the sixth day I have had a constant fever that ranges from 101.5-103.6 degrees, which ibuprofen and Tylenol are only moderately effective at reducing.

The first symptom was a very stiff sore neck (on the sides and under my jaw) and the high fever. Fatigue, chills, body aches soon followed. Since Friday, the fourth day of the illness, my throat is incredibly sore and my left tonsil is huge and covered in white patches. The lymph nodes in my neck are now so swollen you can see them bulging out.

On Friday, I saw the doctor who ruled out both strep (through a swab) and meningitis (through a physical exam). I have had a flu shot, but she said I could still have the flu. She also mentioned mono and West Nile (!), which she has tested my blood for. Because it was a Friday, the results won't be in until tomorrow (Monday) at the earliest. 

I am not showing any signs of feeling better or having my fever let up. If anything, I'm feeling worse every hour.

Could this be something more serious than a common viral infection, since it is persisting for so long? Is there anything besides hot tea, rest, etc. to make me feel better? And at any point should I consider going to the ER?


Hi Guest,

103.6 is very high for an adult.  If your fever gets over about 105, you are feeling faint/very dizzy, are vomiting, or have any loss of consciousness then it's time to seek emergency medical attention. 

Keep drinking fluids!  Whatever you can tolerate as you don't want to get dehydrated.  If you can tolerate anything to eat, not sure with the throat, eat light foods, maybe an egg, soup, even broth. 

Just get rest.  Try not to exert yourself.

Hopefully the doctor has your results early tomorrow.  I'd hate to speculate as meningitis did seem like a good match.  It could be the flu and it can last almost two weeks.  Antibiotics won't treat a virus.

Hang in there, hope you're feeling better soon.