My first post on any forum, so here goes. I'm 51 and seem to have cross-training down to an art form--translation: I'm not particularly good at any of the things I do (run, lift, bike and tennis), but I work out at least 5 days per week and rarely do the same thing two days in a row. The whole plan is oriented to staying injury free. I've had great luck.

I'm not as religious about my stretching as I should be, but have felt great lately in my hamstrings, low back, hips, etc. These have been problem areas in the past. This morning while simply bending down to touch my toes--I didn't bounce, but I leaned into the stretch pretty well, I felt (maybe heard?) a pop in my left hamstring and literally felt like a shift in the structures up high, right at the pelvis. At first, I panicked and thought I had dislocated my femur from my hip (it was that weird a "pop"). It settled down, and I was able to walk and even run a little with a shortened stride and slow pace.

OK...clearly a hamstring tear of some degree...I get that part. My concern is that this happened FROM stretching. Lots of hamstring injury treatment regimens implement stretching as part of the program. If anyone has any thoughts/similar experience/advice--I'd be greatful. As it stands now, I scared to death to touch my toes! Thanks.