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I am working in the office approximately 10 hours a day, and after I finish my work I feel pain in lower back and other part of my spine. My college starts to go on aerobics and she told me she is stretching 15 minutes before every session of aerobic. Also she told me she felt much better and relaxed since she started stretching her spine. I would like to know which exercises are good for my backs.


Hi, spine would be stretched out same as all other parts of body and muscles. There are basically two exercises for spine, one for the lower back of spine and the other for spine generally. In the first one you would sit on the chair, legs medium spread and slowly bend over to touch your feet toes. When you touch it stay like that for some time.
The other exercise is while you are sitting on the floor your legs are little more spread than your shoulders and you are trying to touch your feet.


back pain stands a good chance of improvement within a few days to weeks. The following will help:

*Continuing with your day-to-day activities, wherever possible.
*Treatment with over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines in consultation with your GP. These provide back pain relief to patients with mild to moderate pain.
*Short-term treatment with a muscle relaxant will provide relief
*Limiting bed rest to the minimum, since complete rest does not aid recovery.
*Muscle strengthening exercises and improving the posture through activities such as stretching exercises, swimming, and walking. Yoga, too, can gently stretch muscles and facilitate pain relief. The mild discomfort that you will experience when you begin these exercises usually disappears as muscle strength improves.
* Applying cold compresses (for example, a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel) to reduce the initial inflammation. This should be followed by local heat application (you can use a heat pad, a hot water bottle, or take a hot shower) after a few days to help ease muscular pain and provide back pain relief.

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