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I am always reading comments every now and then because some are the same in my problems. I'm planning to go to the doctor and ask about these but I am shy because I'm still young so I hope that someone here who could read these can help me. :'( I was only 18 when I got pregnant so my parents decided me to undergo abortion which I and my boyfriend doesn't want to. We have no choice but to obey my parents. It was October 05, 2011 when my baby was aborted, he/she was only a month old. October to June I have regular menstruation, every 15th of the month and it stops after 6-7 days. But when it was July 15 up until now, i'm bleeding.. No stop, sometimes it's just a spot of blood but sometimes bloody.. Before that irregular menstruation, October to January I'm taking pills and then I stop it because we decided to have a baby. We are having unprotected sex, but now it's already August 2012, i never got pregnant. I'm crying every night thinking that this was our KARMA of having this abortion. Is it possibly that I could be still pregnant? non-stop bleeding for almost 1 month :'( Is it possible for teenagers like me who had undergo abortion to have my regular menstruation back? please help me because I'm worried :'(


Hi Chemz,

Just because you had an abortion it does not mean that you are infertile or will have problems conceiving.

FYI, we normally don't even consider fertility issues until a year has passed without success.  Yes, it can take time to get pregnant so by itself it's not that much of a concern.

The constant bleeding is however.  See your ob/gyn to find out why this is happening.  You may have a fibroid or other issue that is causing this bleeding.  It can also make getting pregnant difficult.

Good luck.