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Good day everyone,

Have you ever used Zymax capsules, that can helps digestion and cleanse colon from toxins? I was wondering, how do they work, are they effective?

The thing is, my neighbor told me about those pills, and she told me that her husband has a lot of packages (he is selling them), and she wants to sell me. I want to buy it, no matter what, because she has some issues with money, and I would like to help her.

She is telling me that this is something the best I can try. I am confused, because somehow I don’t believe in this story.

Can you please help me? Regards!


Hello there,

Yes, it will detox your body and it can clean your body. But, that is not all. Zymax capsules also can help you get rid of bad breath, bad body odour, bloated stomach, coated tongue…. It can help you with your digestion problems, gall stones, reflux, irritable bowel syndrome…And, those pills are really cool, you should know that.

But, I need to tell you that you need to check is it safe to buy those capsules from him, just to help him? I mean, you can’t tell are they safe.

You should buy them in the pharmacy, I recommend that.




Good day darling,

Thank you! Don’t worry, he is into medicine and he has a lot of those medicaments. He wants to sell us because there is some action, I don’t know something like, you buy two, third is a gift – I am not sure. That is the reason that I asked you about this.

I am glad that Zymax capsules has so many positive characteristic, that is what makes me happy. I think that I eat too much junk food lately, again, so I am pretty worried :)

Thank you for your advice and your comment, I must say that is really helpful.