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Hi good people,

My loved girlfriend, Annet is celebrating her 19 birthday next month. When I asked her what she wants for a birthday party as a gift, she told me that she is really into this Body Bugg activity tracker, because her best friend, that I really don’t like, has one. So, this is her wish and of course, I want to buy this one for her.

Now, the main problem is because I am a student, and I am living in the dorm, so I really don’t have so much money. But, I really want to buy this one for her.

Do you know is Body Bugg activity tracker too expensive?




It is so nice. I always prefer to buy someone a gift that he or she wants. So, I believe that this one is just great thing. Now, I really don’t know how much money you can give for this present. I believe that a new one you can buy for 120 dollars on the market, and you can buy on the sale as well. I believe that you should pay for it, in this case, above 40 dollars. Now, I would like to recommend you to buy a new one, because you can never know with those that somebody was using before. That is what I think.

I hope that this is not that expensive for you :/Good luck! 



Good day there,

Well, it is not that expensive. That is my opinion. I mean, I do understand that you are a student, but I think that you can pay this in four months, or least I think so. I am not sure. It is true, the new one is above 120 dollars, but I still believe that this is not that expensive, especially if you think that this is something that she wants and that this is something that can help her, as well.

So, my advice is – go and buy this one for her. She will be happy because you do listen what she is saying, and she will be happy as well.

Good luck!