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Hello guys. My dad recently heard about Ultimate Thermofit fat burner from our neighbor and now he wants to try it. Apparently, this fat burner is like a magic tool for losing weight. You eat whatever you want, you don’t have to exercise if you don’t want to and you will still be losing pounds by using this product. I told my dad that he shouldn’t believe everything he hears but he is so stubborn and he wants to try it anyway.

Now before he does that, this is very important to for me to know - is Ultimate Thermofit stimulant free?


Oh. You are very nice son Blue Ranger. You have patience for your dad even though parents can be very childish sometimes. I know that from my own experience, but I am also trying to be patient as you are.

Now, for your question- yes it is!

Not only is this product stimulant free, it is also natural. A 100 % natural. So it probably wouldn’t be bad for your father, but just in case, make sure that he consults with his doctor before he starts taking it.

If he has some health problems regardless of the weight, he might wanna rethink taking it.



Yes it is stimulant free. It is also 100 % natural, but don’t think that natural always means healthy. In this case, I think it is, but it isn’t always that way.

This product seems very safe, but if you ask me, is not worth the money.

First of all, it is very expensive. Last time I checked its price, I was like- no way.

Then, there is the thing about the money back guarantee. You won’t get one.

And there is actually no evidence that this product can help in weight loss.

You won’t even find any positive reviews online from the users.