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Amytrim is a weight loss pill that some claim is the holy grail of weight control. However, there is less to Amytrim than meets the eye.

The Better Business Bureau has contact person and a contact address for the company, but neither seems to be valid. If you do a little digging, going back over 10 years (and you have access to public records of regulatory actions in India, which most people don't), you will find out that Amytrim was made by the Quantum Company in Kerala State in India. The Indian regulatory officials were not very happy with Quantum.

  • Amytrim was said to contain five "exotic" but unnamed herbs and was claimed to "promote cholesterol metabolism," "remove fat from folds in the skin," and "manage pain and inflammation caused by hypercholesterolemia."
  • The company also made a product with seventeen "exotic" but unnamed herbs that was claimed to cure just about any disease.
  • When Amytrim was made available to Americans for multi-level marketing (you buy product hoping to sell it to other sellers who sell it to other sellers, something like Amway) it was not properly labeled, so sales pitches were created on the lines of "Many diet products contain green tea, and green tea works this way." There is no reason to believe Amytrim contains green tea or any other herb, or doesn't.
  • Some of the same people market both Amytrim and Amway. However, Amyway itself does not sell this product.

The Indian government changed some of its laws, specifically naming Amytrim, to prevent companies from making products for export for consumer health scams. Said one regulator, "As per the drug laws, any product with claims and suggestions of curative properties, dosage prescriptions, treatment, diagnosis and immunity to diseases should be termed as drugs, and should be dispensed only by a qualified medical practitioner. Most of the claims lack scientific validation, and it is easy for the companies to claim an Ayurvedic license when added with a few herbs or medication as mentioned in ancient traditional texts."

There are herbs, including some Ayurvedic herbs, that can be very helpful in aiding weight loss, but there aren't any herbs that are so helpful in losing weight that they can't even be named.


There are no herbs that work without your doing your part by eating less, and when they do, they may help you lose about 500 grams more every month. That's a little over a pound a month--for the products that actually work.


Don't waste your time trying to find Amytrim. But in addition to following a diet, these herbs may help just enough to push you past your goal.

  • Green tea helps your body burn carbohydrates more efficiently. It does not work without caffeine, but it also does not work if you get too much caffeine. Only the EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) extract is helpful. It is physically impossible to drink enough green tea to help you lose weight.
  • The Ayurvedic herb gurmar, also known by its botanical name Gymnema sylvestre, helps you control cravings for sugar. In Sanskrit, the name of the herb means "destroyer of sugar" or something like that. Don't take the name literally. It doesn't destroy sugar. It limits your appetite for it. It may also help diabetics regulate their blood sugar.
  • Hydroxycitric acid supplements also help with burning sugar. Of course, if you actually manage to follow a high-protein diet, you don't need help regulating the way your body burns sugar.

It is possible to get the dramatic benefits of bariatric surgery, just not as fast, by sticking to a doctor-supervised very low calorie, high-protein diet. However, it is very, very, very difficult to do this when your stomach is ready and able to take all the food you will give it. Don't try to do extreme weight loss on your own. You may not have to have the surgery, but the one thing that is sure is that you will have to eat less, and the more time you spend looking for non-existent exotic herbs, the longer it will take you to accomplish your weight loss goals.

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