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A friend of my mom’s is planning to start using Anorex weight loss pills. I heard them talking the other day, she is trying to convince my mom to try them to. She says that some friend of hers lost 30 pounds using them. I don’t believe that.

My mom says I am always skeptical. Maybe I am, but I am also always right about being skeptical.

I don’t care about her wasting money on some pills, I am just worried about the safety of them. Her friend says they are stimulant free. Is that even true?


Hello there Regina_Phalange.

Yeah, I can understand your skepticism when it comes to Anorex weight loss pills. And if you and I are right, she is going to waste a nice amount of money since these pills are pretty pricey as I recall.

I hope you know that they are suitable only for people who are 30 pounds overweight, at least. And they contain aspirin.

You asked about the stimulants, they are really stimulant free. They even contain some natural ingredients.

Tell her she can buy them online, I mean on the web. They come in an easy to take pill form.  



Thank you Mad_Hatter. I just told her that she can buy them on the internet and she was like- I know, I already searched them today. It looks like she is really planning to buy them.

I agree with you, it is like 70 per cent sure she is going to waste her money. But I don’t care. She doesn’t take my opinion seriously, so it would pointless explaining anything to her.

I just wanna make sure that these pills are completely safe. She says she had no idea they contain aspirin. That might be a problem for her.