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Good day everyone,

My mother has a lot of problems with her sleep lately. Because of it, she is nervous all the time. After a while, she went to see her doctor and he told her that she can deal with this problem with some pills. He asked her if she is using some other pills, and she told him that she is using relora capsules for weight loss.He was surprised and he told her that those diet pills can help her with her sleep.

I don’t know why those pills didn’t helped her before.

Is this true?

Can you ease your sleep problems with relora capsules for weight loss?Tnx! 


Hey there,

It is true. Considering 44 of all 100 Americans on the study, during the process how to get rid of the stress in the pas a few years, Relora was actually very helpful. In that study, it is shown that this one also can be used as a sleep acid. I don’t know why this one didn’t helped your mom, it is really strange. I don’t have a clue why she have some trouble sleeping.

I know that my aunt was using those pills and they have helped her in this.

They are definitely helpful!

Enjoy your day! 



Good day,

My little cousin, Helen, was using those diet capsules, but she didn’t use it for weight loss. No, she was using them just because she couldn’t sleep, she was struggling with it almost every night. It is pretty hard. So, she went to see her doctor, and he gave her those diet pills.

She had some trouble sleeping in the first week, but later, she was sleeping like a baby. It is really true that you can ease your sleep problems with those pills.

It is actually safe and easy! 

I really hope that she will be able to deal with it...