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Just to prevent people, I am not a native English speaker, sorry for any mistakes, but I think you will understand our situation anyway.

I am a 30-year-old mother of a 14-year-old girl (I am mentioning her age, in case it might help you understand the situation


your post appears to be incomplete

however, in case you are able to return and read this, let me guess and try to offer one possible perspective

many children today are being diagnosed with disorders which stem more from confusion on the part of adults, than on actual disorders in the children. I cannot legitimately give you information as to why this is so on a health website, but you may wish to consider that she is trying to deal with a world that does not know how to deal with her

talk to her, ask her questions, take her replies seriously - if she says she's bored, that's not adhd (attention deficit disorder) necessarily as much as a system that has not appreciated that children's brains are processing information today far faster than their parents

forcing a child to listen to a boring class is as bad as listening to a movie with broken sound

that is not to say that you may not have a daughter who is a rare individual with a real disorder, but a hint that most children are normal, and the problems today are too prevalent to be medical, but are systemic - we need to adjust to the children we are giving birth to

that may be a controversial point of view, but I would rather suggest it than dose a child up with drugs when what they want is stimulating tasks for faster brains

maybe this helps maybe not - if you post more detail I'm sure someone will try to help