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Recently, my girlfriend was giving me oral, and then after I ejaculated I soon began to finger her after we cleaned up. I don't remember exactly how deep i went inside her vagina or whether or not my finger had sperm on it, but I pulled it out after a few quick seconds. We did have safe sex with a condom afterward. Three days later she began to spot a pinkish brownish blood for a day and it stopped the next day. This was a week before her regular period. We were scared and then after 4 days, took a pregnancy test, but it came out negative. Should we take another one? Is she pregnant? What's going on??????? PLEASE help me!!!!!!

I don't know if it affects, but we were fighting alot the day she spotted and we went up a mountain to ski. Did that affect her blood flow?


actually stress can afect a girls period, along with having intercourse if she doesnt have sex a lot. dont take a test untill she MISSES her period and dont take it till about 4 days AFTER that. but the likelness of her being pregnant is very little to none. just dont stress out cuz stress and worrying about being pregnant can not only delay her period, but have her body start developing pregnancy symptoms, even if she isnt.