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Hi everyone,

    I need help figuring this out!  My wife and I are desperately trying to get pregnant.  We used ovulation tests and basic knowledge of my wife's cycle to determine that last week (3/4 or 3/5) was the start of her ovulation.  We TTC on 4 of 5 nights last week.  On Sunday (3/10) my wife started to experience abnormal bleeding.  It was dark brown at first and pinkish later.  She has been bleeding for the last 3-4 days lightly without cramps.  It is now 3/13.  What I'm wondering is if it is possible that she would already start implantation bleeding 5 days after sex.  I know many posts are similar to this but i guess im looking for some more explanation of the bleeding post ovulation vs. bleeding 5 days post sex.  

**Her period is not due till the 23rd sometime next week.**



 -concerned yet eager hubby


Implantation can take place around 4-9 days after the egg was fertilized in most women. So she could of been experiencing implantation bleeding on the 10th. You can try the First Response pregnancy test which can tell you a week before a missed period if shes pregnant. If you do this dont get discouraged from a negative because some women do not produce enough HCG hormone until after a missed period. Right now you are playing the waiting game which is horrible trust me I know. Wait for her period and if she misses it by more than three days take a pregnancy test. Take it in the morning with the first urine of the day which is when the HCG Levels will be at there highest giving a more accurate result. Good Luck and I wish your wife Baby Dust :-)