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We got married 4 months ago, but we haven't got into any physical relationship without protection. Yesterday (24hrs) we got into a relationship with a new type of latex, but Right after my ejaculation we stayed calm without bringing out the penis from her vagina. As a result, the latex slipped from the penis & stayed in the vagina half way. As i recognized that it is staying there, I pulled it out very carefully. The sperm spilled out in the bed & some left inside the latex. She is going to have her period on the next day, which didn't happened at all. Every time she urinates a white substance comes out. Her breasts are also getting swelled up..

Is there any possibility of getting Pregnant...?  & if not why the cycle is not showing up....


Please Help..

Warm Regards   


Hi Azvi,

If her period is due tomorrow then it would be EXTREMELY unlikely that she'll get pregnant.  The egg wouldn't be viable this close to her period, she is at her LOWEST fertility.

She can have discharge, from having sex.  Her body makes fluids to clean the vagina.  Possibly the "new type of latex" is causing a reaction.

The breasts swelling might just be due to her "time of the month."

Hope it helps.



Many Many Thanks for your reply ..but she is not getting any sign of her cycle...which is making her worried. Her period time is getting over...
Now she wants to take a contraceptive pill .... Is it necessary to go for a pill..????

please Suggest.


Hello Azvi,


I am going to agree with Medic-Dan and say it is highly unlikely that your wife is pregnant. Vaginal discharge after intercourse is very common and normal. The use of a new form of latex may have caused some irritation in the vagina. 

Breast swelling and tenderness are associate with a women's cycle as well as being an early sign of pregnancy, but as you stated she was supposed to start her cycle the next day. I also do not think it is necessary to go for a pill. It is also possible that she may have miscalculated when her cycle was supposed to start. (I've done that many times before. :-) )

Here's what I would recommend. There is a website called It is a useful website that allows a woman to track her monthly cycles, and it can help to predict when it's mostly likely for a women to ovulate. On average, a womens cycle is anywhere from 28-35 days. Meaning from the day she starts her period (cycle day 1) to the next time she starts her period can be 28-35 days later. So if your wife started her period on the 8th of May 2013 this would be cycle day 1. Then she would count 28 days later and that would be the 5th of June 2013. So this means that she could start her period anywhere from the 5th of June until the 12th of June. 

Now I know that this seems a little much, and may be a bit confusing, but the website I listed below helps track everything. From cramps to how heavy her cycle flow is, even any PMS symptoms she may have. And the more cycles she charts the more accurate it will be at helping predict her ovulation time, as well as when her next period will start.

I've used this site for years, and was able to successfully have a son by going by when I ovulated, all because I tracked my cycles. 

I hope that this information has helped ease some of your concerns. Keep posted to let me know if everything has gone okay for you.