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So my ex and I had broken up on January 16th, and we had sex a couple days before, along with the times before that as well. Well I took 2 pregnancy tests a few days after because the box said it can tell 6 days before a missed period, & I usually start around the 25th to 30th. They were negative. Then on the 21st, I had sex with someone else. And a couple days later, we were supposed to hangout so I decided to take one more test to make sure I wasn't pregnant by my ex boyfriend, before we hungout cause I figured we'd have sex again, & it came out negative. (This was around the 23rd to 26th) So, we had sex again on that day & twice again after. It's February 8th now & I haven't had my period at all, could it be possible if I'm pregnant that this child is my exes even though I took 3 tests that came out Negative? Or could it have been just too late to tell? Could this child more likely be my "new boyfriends"? Please help.....


Hi Issues,

When did your LAST period start?  When did you have sex with the ex? We need that information.

Assuming you were to start on January 25...

Having sex a few days before January 16 you'd be likely near peak fertility.

Having sex on the 21st would likely be too late, you'd be approaching your lowest fertility.  Around the 23-26th you'd still also be unlikely to conceive.

It looks like the ex is the father - if you are pregnant.

Pregnancy tests are really only accurate when they indicate a pregnancy.  Testing early, false negatives are common.  You were likely pregnant when you tested.  For some women a home test NEVER works.

Try again.  You MUST use your first morning urine when you test.  Use a name brand test as well.  If still nothing, see your doctor.

Good luck.