Hi im 18 ive been prescribed zoloft for the second time at 25mg and its doing great on its own last time was at 100mg for about a year and i was a very heavy pot smoker every since i was 15 and had no issues at all recently i went through a very stressful point in life and decided to go back on zoloft (setraline) and cut back on weed because i heard it will work faster without all the thc and cannabinoids interfering but ever since i cut back on weed and took a 2 week break i get super high and paranoid like never before and get somewhat of a panic attack and will get racing/irregular heart beat ringing in ears and will feel like my right calf mucles get tense or stiff i will also trip about small things like my pupil size or that im gonna go psychotic and i just get a more intence high, i wanna know the straight up answer with facts or some kinda proof behind it (please not your own experience of having a panic attack you couldnt calm your self down from thats all i see online with the question of this combo and its making my anxiety worse) is there any deaths or permanent results of mixing the 2 i really love my weed and it would make the situation worse if i had to give it up for good no im not dependant (i use to be) i had no problem with the break from it i just love the culture of weed smoking , its not any worse than people who crack open cold ones with there buddys on a weekend , i wanna know if i was just born with a endo cannadinoid difficency and the serotonin boost is building them up and im actually feeling the full effects of cannabis and tripping my self out (dont mind my spelling lol ima a lazy and fast typer) i just wanna know the real answer the best i can get from my doc is the typical dont smoke weed while the brains developing you can become schizophrenic or make mental problems you didnt have witch is making feel like im going schitzo when i get high and about the interaction he says there hasnt been enough study's to give a defiant answer witch is making me on edge about smoking again its like ever since i researched about the interaction and other peoples experiences its got worse and ive been straight up scared to smoke again witch is making me depressed and want to quit the zoloft is it all in my head ? drop any studys that have been done proof or any positive feedback in the comments thanks :) ( and again if your just anti weed dont waste your time and research it a little more and try to understand it not as a drug but medicine its far from a drug theres a huge varaitey and types of marijuana)