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I don't have a boyfriend and I Havnt since yr5 and I'm in yr9 this year it's making me all depressed because I see all my friends with a guy ,what should I do and what type of girls are guys most into?

Should I change my personality to fit my crush and how is a good way to ask him out without being so straight forward or shy


No never change your personality for a guy he will sense this and not respect you..guys look for any girls..i guess you just arnt out there enough or maybe there are some guys that are afraid to ask you out..anyways my point was be yourself ..i know it sounds boring but its the best way to avoid a heart ache later !!! good luck


im a 18 year old virgin and i really dont care about looks.
im not exactly in with style either though...
long hair and black clothes(not goth)
i care much much more about how a girl is.
i remember once i was walking down the street with some buds.
and then there came a ugly girl.
my friend said dude check her out.
f**k she is ugly he said.
i didnt even notice her because i didnt look at her appearance.
a long time i was depressed about not having a girl and always a virgin.
but then i thought:
if i create a wonderful peace of music, that would mean more to me than banging a random chick.
carl sagan was not going around proud of the women he slept with.
he was much more proud of his intellectual accomplishments.
or when lightnin hopkins mastered ''baby please dont go'' he was more proud of sharing his wonderful music with the world than banging a chick.

dont change.
be patient.
find your hobby.
become the best you can be at it.
and enjoy life while you have it.
sex is just a little treat in between.
love is a something that is much more valuable.
if you find your love, for the love of god dont give up.

ps. if i rambled off topic its because im drunk.
i think i rambled off topic.