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27 year old male light smoker light drinker overwieght BMI about 41
30 mins a day active, office/computer job.
Father just had a clot in leg at 53 and mother had a TMI and is on bloodthinners at same age. I have been healthy my whole entire life rarely ever sick.

alright one night I lay down after eating spicy food started to get chest pains and belching and then my left arm started to hurt and throb. thought I was having a heart attack and went to emergency room they did an EKG and blood pressure etc.. and said I need to get more exercise not eat spicy food before bed cut down on smoking and gave me an anti anxiety pill. I had never had indigestion before ever or a pinched nerve.

The indigestion came back and sparked more panic attacks which were rectified by xanax and sleep. They would come and go for about a month. During these attacks i was able to to measure my blood pressure and heart rate and found that my blood pressure was on the low side of being good but my heart rate was 110...seeming to indicate it was all in my mind.

I pretty much regularly live with pain in my left arm and a feeling it is bloated and also signs of ulnar nerve damage due to pinky and rign finger numbeness. I also have tension from the crown of my head down my back and front of my chest making me light headed and feeling the need to crack my neck often (which doesn;t crack).My eyes are also dry and burning which could possibly be allergies..but I have never had them before..

I still get slow building attack where things go numb and tingly legs are left side chestand get chest/neck pains here and there. heart races and i start to freak out.. I am wondering if this is mostly in my head or if the original doc could have missed something. Am I too young for CHF or something like that and this is merely a case of mind run amoke with some pinched nerves? I am planning on going back to the doctor but people are telling me it is all in my mind . Also since I have had this go one for almost two months now if it was serious wouldn;t I be dead by now? I stopped drinking and smoking and started walking 4 miles a day but it didn;t clear the issue up. I am worried it is a heart problem or a chronic mind problem. more worried about heart:)

also to note I have since gotten intoxicated and smoked heavily and survived but the hangover was like three days which is abnormal..



Don't let any one try to tell you all your symptoms are in your head. You are on the other end of this, and they are real to you.

If your Doctor has done a battery of tests and says what he says, then you are probably not going to have a heart attack.
Have you had blood work done?
Spicy food can do a number on you. You feel like you want to die.
There are things that mimick a heart attack, which ends up being a bad case of gas.
Maybe you should seek out another opinion. If you have insurance, get a referrel from you Primary Doc and go see a Cardiac Specialist. Your Doctor can not refuse to give the referrel. He may say that you are wasting your time, but it's your heath here. Maybe a Specialty Doctor can help you and put you at peace with this.
Good Luck


thanks! nope no blood test all that was done was an ekg and the old stethoscope.At that time none of aforementioned syptoms except for what I now think was a panic attack were present I just started a new job so I am waiting for ins to kick in I was just concerned that something was seriously wrong since my body feels like it is breaking down all the time with a focus on my left side, heavy pulse, racing pulse, headaches left arm pain and feeling full/heavy with pain head bring tighta light with neck issues et al

Hopefully it is all in my head and can be treated with therapy,knowing it is all in my head officially;) or some anti anxiety pills I am sick of feeling physically fragile and being in pain and discomfort worry about what new thing will go wrong today with the old body:)



considering your symptoms i am very surprised they did an EKG and no bloods (if someone is suspected of a heart attack you do bloods and an EKG).

do you get short of breath with the episodes of pain???

i would suggest you go to your dr and ask for a referral - you need a second opinion!

it could be something as simple as indigestion or something more serious like angina.

let us know how it all goes.

take care :-)


They said they could tell by the EkG if it was a heart attack. I suspect since my symptoms had subsided by the time i got to the hospital whereas I understand with a heart attack it doesn;t so much.

that was over a month ago and I plan to get a full run down now. I don't get short of breath that I can recall, just pains, but Ihaven;t been the same since that first time. I really don;t know if it is pychological or not or a combination of different things exacerbated by "webmd-itis" or internet fuelled hypchondria.

As of late I really do not get pain in my core heart are is is in my left arm and neck which could just be a pinched nerve. It wraps around my shoulder and can go down my back and side. Sometimes it is like a pinching in my arm pit and back of arm area(tricep).I also feel like my ears are congested or stuffy sometimes with pains down the side of my neck. I also get a noticably throbbing heartbeat I can feel in my extremities( arms legs neck etc..

I have heard your mind can do terrible things if you let it run amok and could be something as beneign as allergies and a pinched nerve with me freaking out. I will know in a few weeks I suppose I guess I am glad no one has been able to say uh oh it is xyz which I am kind of looking for because I have a hard time beleiveng all of it is generated by my mind.

I don;t think the drs would have let me go if they didn;t think it was non threatening. I mean I am sure an EKG would have shown if something was wrong. who knows..


Hi, I have same symptoms as well pls let me know whats happened.