well i'm 18 years old! i'm not over weight but a little skinny with some muscles and abs. around the end of august i had smoked some weed that made me get real numb on my hands stomach back and tingly feeling on my hands so i just relaxed and calmed down but the next day at night time it happend again but this time i went to the hospital and they did blood test on me i came out normal and everything was fine and since then ive had real bad anxiety at random times and i guess the weed made me have a really bad anxiety attack but ever since then i haven't felt right til this day .. my sleeping is weird and for about a month straight i get this weird tight chest feeling on my left side it really worry's me sometimes and last night a quick burst of hotness went through my chest and i got scared and started having another anxiety attack then my heart started racing should i get an EKG?