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Hi im 15 and for a few days ive been having somtimes dull but somtimes sharp pains near my apendix area( between belly button and hip but alittle lower) parents think its nothing but its worrying me, please help


Hello, Sophie.  I would be concerned as well.  Is the pain to the right side and below your belly button?  Are you having regular bowel movements?  Have you checked your temperature?  If you have a temperature, this could mean an inflamed appendix.  It should check into this because allowing an appendix to rupture (if this is indeed what it is), it can be more problematic for you.  Your parents should have you check out.  Your doctor will press really firmly on your abdomen where your pain is and let go quickly.  If you howl in pain, you have appendicitis. 

Has any of our forum readers have appendicitis?